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Photo courtesy of Louis Fabian Bachrach
Tim Berners-Lee


TIM is one of the most brilliant person in the world, perhaps one of the top in the entire Humanity history. Sir Tim Berners-Lee, for whom the internet must to be "an ocean of share knowledge". I really appreciate the BBC's series with him (it could see on BBC's website - And we have the all new Tim's initiative to celebrate 25th.Web birthday fighting for +Freedom. "The Web We Want campaign is responding to threats to the future of the Web with a practical and positive vision — unleashing the power of people from around the world to defend, claim and change a Web that is for everyone. We aim to bring about real change at a national and global level. Rooted in the vision of the UN Declaration of Human Rights and the goals of social justice, the campaign was started by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the Web, on UN Human Rights Day in Geneva. You could help us make a difference." (Tim Berners-Lee) A giant from Science and Humanities arena. Thank you for share this website in the 50th. MIT celebration. Adalberto Queiroz From Brazil